Healing from Emotional Abuse

My personal journey in healing from the emotional abuse. No communication, distance and time helped us find closure and peace. Today, I am happy to say things have settled down in the past few years. It is my belief things have changed because we moved further away from my ex-husband. Normally a geographical change does... Continue Reading →

Verbal Abuse Can Impact Any Relationship

I truly think God must have a sense of humor.  I am not completely rid of my abusive ex-husband or abusive ex-boss but it sure makes me feel fired up to write more about verbal and emotional abuse,  because awareness is key. Verbal Abuse can happen in almost any type of relationship and anywhere; in... Continue Reading →

Family History of Abuse

Well, many things have transpired recently with my father.  It turns out my father was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder many years ago.   In previous posts, Abusive Email Traps, I had listed some of the bizarre interactions I had with my father and how much they reminded me of my abusive ex-husband's behavior.   When I was... Continue Reading →

Surviving Domestic Abuse during the Holidays

Looking back now, I cannot remember a single Holiday that passed by without excessive arguments with my ex-husband.  I use to think he was purposely trying to make the holiday unpleasant for us.  I remember trying to create the holiday mood by playing Bing Crosby Christmas, decorating the tree, hanging the stockings and such.  What I most... Continue Reading →

Dreaming About Abusive Ex-Boss

Okay, so last night my dream included my manipulative abusive Ex-boss.  It is very irritating to end relationships with people only to have them visit you in your dreams.  In my dream I remember being upset and my boss was there.  Also there was some other guy playing football (I don't watch football?) and was... Continue Reading →

Transforming Abusive Memories

Unfortunately, my memories do not stop just because I decided to end the relationship with the abuser.  In fact, sometimes these memories play on and on like a broken record in my head.  My ex-husband was the worst relationship I ever had by far in my life.  So oftentimes he plagues my mind.  Of course,... Continue Reading →

History of Abuse Leads to Tragedy

My father and I recently had an argument about whether a women should or should not get divorced from a person who is abusive.  The story is posted under Abusive and Controlling Emails - Email Traps.    I had stated my personal belief that a women and her children (should she have any) should leave... Continue Reading →

Signs of Domestic Abuse

What are the Odds? According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, 25% of women will have experienced domestic abuse in their lifetime. Keeping Secrets That is very disturbing fact, but it is one that cannot be ignored.  In a way by my posting this anonymously I feel like I am keeping the secret rather than... Continue Reading →

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