Women’s Rights

The Bill Of Rights for Women who are Separated or Divorced

  • Domestic Abuse RightsThe right to feel safe.
  • The right to feel loved.
  • The right to privacy.
  • The right to say no to sex.
  • The right to have own opinion.
  • The right to change opinion.
  • The right to get angry.
  • The right to make mistakes.
  • The right to admit when I have made mistakes.
  • The right to have intimacy in relationships.
  • The right to have high self-esteem.
  • The right to feel safe in own home.
  • The right to express feelings, whatever these feelings may be.
  • The right to choose not to express certain feelings.
  • The right to receive decent treatment by any relationship.
  • The right to privacy when talking on the phone or writing in a journal.
  • The right to feel safe from verbally & emotional abuse.
  • The right to feel safe from physical abuse.
  • The right not to be made to feel guilty for opinions.



4 thoughts on “Women’s Rights

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  1. I have the right to be safe from harm and abuse. For ten years, I have been back and forth with my son father. He is nice to me until he gets comfortable and then the honeymoon is over.


    1. Yes, you do have the right to be safe from harm & abuse. You have the right to feel safe in your own home and around your significant other.


  2. Found your website at just the right time. It is as though you already walked my path. I have rights and my ex is no longer going to control me!


  3. Is there legal action I can take against him? I am beyond tired of it. It’s not right and he just won’t stop, verbally. He makes parenting our now 16 year old VERY hard. And to even be around my son difficult. Please HELP!


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