Abusive People are Not Worth the Stress

I tell you I felt some stress yesterday and a little bit today.  I received the letter of complaint to the school from the attorney and it is amazing.  He actually describes exactly my complaint that the school should follow their policies first and foremost.  He also went on to say that the school has... Continue Reading →

Received a Letter from the School

I received  a rather interesting letter from my daughter's school today regarding the complaints I had made. School Web of Deception The letter basically says that since my daughter is no longer a student their district they cannot hear any formal complaints.  They have closed all complaints regarding my daughter. They CCd all the people... Continue Reading →

The School Responds and Dismissed Everything

This post is a continuation from the post The Drama Continues and My Daughter Saw It regarding the school situation and the multiple violations of my rights as a parent and their school policies. Obviously this started by my abusive ex-husband's wife transferring to my daughters school last year.  I work so hard to try to... Continue Reading →

What a Tangled Web They Weave

So I had a meeting with the principal of my daughter's school yesterday. We spoke our issues with the school and then the day kind of went from good to bad pretty quickly. In the late afternoon I was giving my daughter a spelling test and I am not sure what triggered her memory. So instead of having... Continue Reading →

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