Journal Comments from 2007

Over the years I found it was helpful to write journal notes and email them to myself, that helped me keep the emails and my thoughts in chronological order.  We really do not have any answers or definite explanations for these kind of complaints that occurred during a five year span. My gut instinct is that something happened, but I may never know the truth.

Email Journal Notes to Self
on December 10, 2007 6:46 pm

Our daughter came home from her father’s house last night and did not have any complaints.

Today the nurse and our daughter’s school called me because our daughter was in her office crying. Our daughter said her vagina hurt and she felt like it might bleed. Then after she went to the bathroom the nurse said she was fine and wanted to go back to class.  She said she could call myself or her dad.

The nurse requested I take her to the doctor because she was so tearful and speaking of blood.

I drove her to the Pediatrician’s office directly after school. She did a urine test. Her urine came back clean. They are sending it off for further testing.

The doctor asked her a few questions about her pain and asked me if it could possibly be from masterbation. I said possibly but we had discussed it to the point she felt comfortable and we talked about avoiding that until we find out what is causing this.  She said she felt our daughter may be using masterbation to relieve stress.

I asked our daughter if she had run water on herself and she said no.  I asked if she was rubbing herself and she said no. I told her it was okay if she was but that would be helpful in the case that was causing the pain. I left a message for her father and he called back while we were in the car, I wasn’t really ready to talk to him about that at the moment.

Our next therapy session was not until January 8th but I called Chris today and we are going in tomorrow.  Chris pretty much said until our daughter is ready to reveal what is causing this we may not find out what it is.

I purchased a journal for our daughter to write all her thoughts. I told her she could put it in the box I gave her that locks because it is a private place to write all her thoughts. She was very excited about writing in the journal and wont’ stop LOL.

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