Prayers for my Daughter

Over the years I have certainly tried to solve many problems myself and oftentimes I forget to ask for God’s help in these matters.  I so often forget that He can perform miracles and I sometimes need to remember to get out of the way.  Yesterday, I sent in a prayer request to our church.

Paragraph : Please pray for my 17 year old daughter. I this past year, we found out she was cutting. Recently we caught her smoking pot and she admitted to trying alcohol. She has been rather deceitful lately. My ex-husband seems to be very permissive and I believe he is coercing her into coming to live with him. I do not think they can make this choice at 17. So I hoping to get her into counseling for the next 10 months and I am hoping this counselor can reach her. There is reason for me to suspect something may have happened to my daughter between 4-9, but we never found out what happened. This may be part of the reason she is acting out so much. Prayers would be appreciated to help her see the truth and the light.

Response from a member at church today:


My name is Julie and I am a fellow member at church.

I want to drop you a note to let you know that the Prayer Team is lifting you up in your trial.

We pray that the right counsel and support comes from God into your life.

We pray all the praying, fasting, tears and worship you send up to God does not go unnoticed.

We know our Father is good.

We pray He hears your prayers and that He will act powerfully and swiftly.

With sincere hope and prayer,


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