Tactics of Abusive Men with Children

Putting Our Daughter in the Middle Okay, so the manipulation tactics have continued no matter what the circumstances are.  When we first got divorced he would attempt to contact me and swear he had changed his ways.  He would make sure to run into my friends so he could attempt to earn allies and make... Continue Reading →

Abusive Men – Power and Control

Dealing with a Controlling Ex It is so difficult at times to not feel stressed when situations arise where I have to deal with my abusive ex-husband.  When you have to co-parent a child with an abusive man you do have to deal with them to some extent while you raise the child.  If fact... Continue Reading →

Abusive People are Not Worth the Stress

I tell you I felt some stress yesterday and a little bit today.  I received the letter of complaint to the school from the attorney and it is amazing.  He actually describes exactly my complaint that the school should follow their policies first and foremost.  He also went on to say that the school has... Continue Reading →

No Contact With Abuser Helps

I have not allowed all this insanity to control my weekend or prevent me from enjoying it.  My daughter will be home in a while and we will have the have the discussion about her not coming by to pick things up when we are not home.  I sort of feel if I were dealing... Continue Reading →

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