Abusive People are Not Worth the Stress

I tell you I felt some stress yesterday and a little bit today.  I received the letter of complaint to the school from the attorney and it is amazing.  He actually describes exactly my complaint that the school should follow their policies first and foremost.  He also went on to say that the school has a responsibility first to the parents and went on to describe what parents and adoptive parents were considered.  He stated that her stepmother is not her parent and should not be treated as such at the school.  Amazing I needed an attorney to get my parenting rights back.

I received a ‘heads up’ call from the therapists office that my ex-husband was calling them.  He even sent me an email that made bracelets sound like a threat.  Seriously is he planning on getting her braces to try to get back at me somehow?

My email to him:

I wanted to pass this information on to you for your review.

Our Daughter’s therapist is in network but this particular session would not be covered by our insurance .  This ADHD assessment would cost $600 and would be completed by her therapist.  You will find the document attached to this email.

They also have a Phycholgoist on staff that can do a Full Battery Educational Testing and that would be $2500… but he is out of network.  This would cover all information the school would need to assist our daughter.

I know you only paid $15 out of $95 for her pediatrician because they are no longer covered under you insurance.  Therefore, I am working hard to find something we can both agree on.

I have been in contact with your insurance company and I am researching all possible alternatives that would be covered and are in network.

His email:

Just so I am clear you are requesting testing that has already been done for free from the school (school’s assessment office).

With that being said I will not agree to additional testing since all testing has been completed and ready to be disclosed to parents….let me rephrase that, it was completed until you revoked it.

You can continue to send her co payments to me and I will pay my share as I always do.

Fyi….you might consider putting your resources aside for her teeth. She will be needing extensive work and possibly braces….around $5,200. Her next appointment is in June and I will give you the specifics then just in case you have questions or objections before we move forward.

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