No Contact With Abuser Helps

I have not allowed all this insanity to control my weekend or prevent me from enjoying it.  My daughter will be home in a while and we will have the have the discussion about her not coming by to pick things up when we are not home.  I sort of feel if I were dealing with true adults I wouldn’t be having this conversation…

I am still amazed that I feel the need to contact an attorney to make sure I protect myself from the school.  I have had this conversation with many people and everyone is truly shocked that the school is behaving like they are.  Apparently I am suppose to have some other document I have never heard of before they try to do these test they want to do on my daughter.

That my ex-husband is constantly trying to claim our daughter has ADD almost seems more of a way to shift blame, or excuse his behavior, or something of that.  If you truly believe a child is suffering with ADD it seems you would change the atmosphere to be more healthy for the child.  I can’t help but believe if they truly cared and believed she had ADD they would not offer an environment where you get whatever you want an there are no rules.

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