Tactics of Abusive Men with Children

Putting Our Daughter in the Middle

Okay, so the manipulation tactics have continued no matter what the circumstances are.  When we first got divorced he would attempt to contact me and swear he had changed his ways.  He would make sure to run into my friends so he could attempt to earn allies and make sure they caught him doing some good deed.  I actually remember a neighbor telling me he came outside with a paint roller in his hand and was telling her he was repainting the house.  Funny, he never did that stuff while we were married.  When I did not agree to work things out he would turn back to anger and harassing emails or phone calls.

When he picked up our daughter he would use that as an opportunity to speak to me.  Perhaps call me to tell me he was running a few minutes late and then try to keep me on the phone.  He use to stand at the front door with his arms crossed over his chest and an angry look on his face.

He made sure to send me plenty of emails about how unhealthy I looked which was rather funny because I was in pretty good shape and was going to the gym regularly.  His emails would often open with a threat but his first paragraph would begin with ‘This is not a threat, but….’

This is all crazy-making behavior.


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