Received a Letter from the School

I received  a rather interesting letter from my daughter’s school today regarding the complaints I had made.

School Web of Deception

The letter basically says that since my daughter is no longer a student their district they cannot hear any formal complaints.  They have closed all complaints regarding my daughter.

They CCd all the people involved in this complaint.  It certainly appears they were looking for that loop hole out of the mess they created.

However, they regret that I felt it necessary to bring forward complaints to the district.  I should be assured the complaints were fully investigated and appropriate action was taken (no action was taken), according to their board policy.  The policies were a complete joke, all they offered was lip service, and did everything they could to sweep the situation under the rug.

School Lies and Corruption

Never mind that my daughter caught her teacher in a lie as they tried to cover up the evidence of their inappropriate behavior.  Never mind that the school signed parenting rights away to a girlfriend who had no rights to be treated as anything more than a non-parent.

I am glad to be done with the complaints as it was a waste of time.  I truly hope all schools are not like this and we just had some misfortune.

I did send them a response by email asking them if they had any transfer papers to another school district.  As they do not have any such thing.  At this time she is still scheduled to attend a school within their district.  I would love to hear how they respond to that.  I guess it will give me something else to write about.

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