The Drama Continues and My Daughter Saw It

Today was a pretty relaxing day, after releasing my emotions about all these things I have no control over, and turning them over I feel a huge weight off my shoulders.  I had a enjoyable day at work.

After school my daughter called me and I could tell right away something happened at school by the excitement in her voice.  She said, “Mom, my teacher got in my bag today and got my planner because she put it back upside down.”  I told her to go write this down so she wouldn’t forget.

I decided to encourage her to write in her journal almost every day and then she can take it to her counseling appointment and discuss it.  I think that will truly help her.

I sent a complaint to the principal and I probably will go through the motions of filing a level one complaint.  I have so many different complaints against them to keep them scrambling for the rest of the year.  What disturbed me about this was my daughter saw it and she said it was like lying.  She is right.  I told the principal in the message, “What kind of example does that give her for the future with teachers and how do you think that impacts her trust?”  I also asked why did they feel the need to go back and update what wasn’t done.  What did she have to say about that?

You know, one thing about people who lie, they do it again and again and eventually they get caught.  Now I went through her planner and marked all the days with the date if they checked it yesterday, today, or that there was no checkmark at all.  Good luck next week when they try to keep fixing it.  I guess they thought we wouldn’t notice.

At this point this is almost laughable.  This situation is really not humorous at all but it is so outrageous it is laughable… almost.  The school is proving themselves to be quite unethical, deceitful, and now I realize they have a little network of people who will try to cover things up.  I sure hope all schools are not like this.  I did not have these kind of problems with the school before my ex-husbands girlfriend (now wife) transferred there.

Dishonesty – Procedures for Teachers – Religion and Ethics

When Teachers Lie

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