FEAR – False Emotionals Appearing Real

Regaining my personal power and strength sometimes requires me to fall down.  I have to use the power of positive thinking to get to realizing I am not still in it and I will not allow this to control my life.  I will enjoy my life whether my abuser is controlling or not.  I will not allow this to take away my joy!

Living Without Fear
Situations like what has happened recently and is still happening a little can cause me to fall right back into a state of Fear.  Where I have that hopeless feeling that I will never get away from him and he will never leave me alone.  FEAR – False Emotions/Evidence Appearing Real

This feeling of Fear is false because I have gotten away from him and he continues to use whatever desperate means he can to regain the control he no longer has.  This is his problem, not mine.  The worst he could do is kill me.  He is such a coward and a bully and all he does is try to get to me through verbally abusing and manipulating our child which is just sick.  Despite all that I can continue to do the right thing and give my daughter tools.  She is smart enough that she will figure it out one day on her own.

Breaking the Silence
I am Breaking the Silence by speaking the truth here without fear.  I do not need to live in shame, or feel my worries are burden on someone, I do not need to live in fear.

Thinking Positive & Being Grateful
I have think positive thoughts and create a grateful list of facts for today:

  • I have a beautiful, smart, and lovely daughter
  • I am not married to him anymore
  • I am remarried to a man who is nothing like my ex
  • I have my own house that I got on my own
  • I have a really big German Shepherd who loves our family
  • My life is pretty good and I do not have to live in his drama
  • I have learned a great deal about abusive behavior
  • I have become a very strong person today
  • I have a great job now and a very understanding boss
  • I have wonderful talents and I enjoy doing them
  • I can make decisions today that are best for my family
  • I can think of more grateful topics than I can write today

Break the Silence on Violence
How to Think Positive
Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse

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