Reasons to Document Verbal Abuse

Tonight, I read through a few of my blog posts from seven years ago. My thoughts and points about the situations seem perfectly reasonable and rational to me today. So, either that means I am still sick today in my thoughts ... doubtful... or the situation was crazy... probable. Documentation may or may not be... Continue Reading →

Received a Letter from the School

I received  a rather interesting letter from my daughter's school today regarding the complaints I had made. School Web of Deception The letter basically says that since my daughter is no longer a student their district they cannot hear any formal complaints.  They have closed all complaints regarding my daughter. They CCd all the people... Continue Reading →

The School Responds and Dismissed Everything

This post is a continuation from the post The Drama Continues and My Daughter Saw It regarding the school situation and the multiple violations of my rights as a parent and their school policies. Obviously this started by my abusive ex-husband's wife transferring to my daughters school last year.  I work so hard to try to... Continue Reading →

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