What a Tangled Web They Weave

So I had a meeting with the principal of my daughter’s school yesterday. We spoke our issues with the school and then the day kind of went from good to bad pretty quickly. In the late afternoon I was giving my daughter a spelling test and I am not sure what triggered her memory. So instead of having her tell me the story, by my attorney’s advice, I just had her write it down.

So apparently my ex-husbands wife who works at my daughter’s school as an assistant teacher has been in communication all along with one of the principals. My daughter had a name written down but she said she wasn’t absolutely positive. Her letter was so detailed there was no way it could be made up. So all the problems I have had with the school are because there is a web woven within the staff of the school. Unbelievable! This is sick and sorted and I truly wish I could move to another state to get her away from this insanity. My decree does say we have to live in this county or surrounding ones. This is abusive control to a really twisted degree.

Morning Meeting
My husband attended this meeting with me and it went rather well.  I told the school I had problems with their changing rights without any sort of contact with me. I had problems with information leaking out the school and coming back to me through my daughter. Our daughter should not go to school and worry about anything other than school. I did repeat the comment the principal made to me last year in front of everyone, “It is not my problem you picked this man to marry, you’ll need to take it up with him!’ I told her it was rather hard to forget and made it very difficult for me to trust her words.

So when we were leaving the principal said she wanted to talk to my daughter. I told her I felt it would be better if her counselor spoke to her.  The principal said it had to be her but that I could be present. So I agreed and that was such a mistake. I should have never allowed them to put her in the middle again this is an area I am working so hard to give her strength in.

Meeting with Daughter
So my daughter only repeated half the information she told me.  Then the principal asked if she had already heard this information from me before.  My daughter said yes but she couldn’t remember when. The principal said just guess a month. So my daughter guessed February.  So now it looked like this information came from me and not the school.

I have to admit at first I was a little angry with my daughter.  She had expressed these concerns to me and made specific statements twice.  I took the ball and went to bat for her.  Then for her to not just tell that had me wondering if she was confused and what was the truth.  I took the day to rest my mind.

When I got home she was crying. I told her I was sorry she had to go through any of this. She said she was afraid she would get in trouble or get her step-mom or myself in trouble.  I told her that as long as she speaks the truth that is all she should do. Then later she had that strange memory, I hope she isn’t making that up, I don’t believe she is.

So I don’t even know if I should do anything now.  The email the principal sent me had a comment like “I am sure it was upsetting to hear that you were the one her told her in February.” Hearing some of the things the principal had to say and how she kept changing her words when on record sure made her seem dishonest.

I feel like this is something off the Lifetime network.  After I left the school I went to the domestic abuse center I use to go to regularly. I spoke with one of the counselors. She asked me if I thought of what my ex-husband was trying to get through all this. I said I was not sure because I didn’t think he really wanted custody unless if it was just to take her from me.  She asked if he was paying a lot of child support and he is. She said often they will do that just to get out of child support and made me pay him even if it is less.  She said that is an area of control that is common.

So I did a little Googling and there are other sorted stories like mine:

If you are wondering if you are in an abusive relationship:

Is Your Partner Emotionally Abusive

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