Verbal Abuse Can Impact Any Relationship

I truly think God must have a sense of humor.  I am not completely rid of my abusive ex-husband or abusive ex-boss but it sure makes me feel fired up to write more about verbal and emotional abuse,  because awareness is key. Verbal Abuse can happen in almost any type of relationship and anywhere; in... Continue Reading →

Abusive Bosses in the Workplace

One thing to keep in mind is the Abusive Boss does not stop being abusive after you are no longer available to him.  They continue to abuse other people around them.  Most abusers seem to be pretty careful to not do anything that will get them caught.  They seem to be careful to avoid any... Continue Reading →

Transforming Abusive Memories

Unfortunately, my memories do not stop just because I decided to end the relationship with the abuser.  In fact, sometimes these memories play on and on like a broken record in my head.  My ex-husband was the worst relationship I ever had by far in my life.  So oftentimes he plagues my mind.  Of course,... Continue Reading →

Abusive Bosses in a Down Economy

It seems we are in a time where some abusive bosses can take advantage of the down economy to justify their abusive behaviors.  There are less jobs available right now which could make an employee endure a situation they might not otherwise tolerate.  Accepting unacceptable behavior is more likely when your personal finances are at... Continue Reading →

Working with an Emotionally Abusive Boss

Okay, so this post follows my Abusive Bosses Create Unhealthy Workplace where I described a more volatile abusive boss.  My second boss was a bit nicer on the surface but highly controlling and a bit more manipulative. Most of my co-worker's would describe my abusive bosses behavior as a 'Napoleon Complex' or even 'Little Man's... Continue Reading →

Abusive Bosses Create Unhealthy Workplace

Obviously I have experience with an abusive spouse who certainly had control through our finances. It was very difficult to leave that relationship because he was the breadwinner and I was a stay at home mom. However when I finally was so sick of being abused I finally was ready to take the leap into... Continue Reading →

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