The School Responds and Dismissed Everything

This post is a continuation from the post The Drama Continues and My Daughter Saw It regarding the school situation and the multiple violations of my rights as a parent and their school policies. Obviously this started by my abusive ex-husband‘s wife transferring to my daughters school last year.  I work so hard to try to keep her home life here stable and her school life should be neutral!  The school is my main focus because if they were doing their jobs this would not be happening.

What blows my mind about this is the way they swept the entire situation under the rug.  Do they not think I have better things to do then hire an attorney to write a complaint, transfer my daughter to another school, attend these meetings and miss work, and waste hours writing up the complaint?  I am alarmed by the lies and deceit at an elementary school.   How the school treats my daughter is extremely important, believing they are truly out for her best interests, that they would make her environment safe and peaceful….

I met with the Executive Director for Campus Administration Support on May 25th, 2010 to explain my concerns.

My three complaints were:
1. The principal tape recorded my daughter during a conversation held in her office without my approval.
2. The questions asked by the principal to my daughter were misleading.
3. After continued questions to my daughter the principal told my daughter to ‘guess’ the answers.

Their response:

~They claim my daughter was not tape recorded during the conference by the principal.   They claim there was a tape recorder in the office as a part of the principals supplies but it was not used during the conference.
~They claim the questions to my daughter were not misleading nor was there a need for lengthy elaboration in response especially with my being present during the conference.
~They claim that during the conference with the principal that my daughter did not have to make any guesses on her response. My daughter simply confirmed her response when questioned.

Their results:

‘As a result to their investigation, they have determined that neither the principal or the elementary school administrative staff committed any of the violations stated in your complaint.  That during their investigation it was revealed that the student planners are documented by the parent that 20 minutes of reading was done at home.  They state the school was concerned for the unusual check marks in the students planner but they were not made by the teacher.

They determined that the conference held with the principal, my daughter, and myself was dealt with professionally and with appropriate questioning and student response.’

Obviously I disagree with the school’s response to my concerns as they completely excused, dismissed, invalidated, and even outright lied in this complaint response. I fact it concerns me that they literally dismissed my every complaint without any further investigation.  My husband said he would love to know how it was investigated.  Did the Executive Director just go to the school and ask if it happened and they said No?

1. First of all there was recording, because I was present when she pressed stop and ejected the tape.   It is my belief that when I questioned this they made it disappear.
2. The questions were misleading as they immediately went from asking where she learned about the move and transfer and my daughter said from her step-mother.  Then went on to ask if I have ever discussed a transfer with her before.
3. Also the statement that the principal did not ask my daughter to guess and my daughter just confirmed responses.  I have a recording of this conversation.  This recording is a little muffled but you clearly can hear ‘Guess the Month’?
4. Also the modifying of the planner is not the point, it is the fact that they felt the need to go back and update the entire year to hide the fact that it was not consistent.  They claim the teacher did not change it, but it did happen in her classroom during specials, and my daughter noticed it.  The only other likely person it might have been would be her step-mother because she went back and added her signature to the entire year for Fridays.

In the conversation my daughter states that “My mom showed me the transfer…” that occurred just a few weeks ago when I printed out the papers and sat down and discussed that I felt it was best to switch schools.  After she saw her step-mother update her signature for the entire year she told me, “I understand why it would be best if I went to a new school.”

I just looked up Corrupt Schools and there is 6 million topics with those words.  Then you can also look up Corrupt School Board and find a tone of issues.  That is disturbing!

I probably need to take this up another level.  Part of me wants to let it go for my own sanity, the other part of me wants to take at as far up as I can until I figure out no one will listen or until someone does listen.

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  1. I love your website! It is disturbing how many of your stories I can identify with. I am in a better place too now.


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