Abuse Survivors – Please Share Your Story

Domestic Abuse AwarenessLet me start by saying this, if you are an abuse survivor, please do not keep your story private.  

So many people are in an abusive relationship and have not become aware it is abuse.  Especially if it is a verbally/emotionally abusive relationship which can make it very difficult to become aware of it.  I was divorced for at least six months before I figured out I had been in an abusive marriage.  I really just thought he was a self-centered jerk.

Over the years, I have shared my story on blogs and other websites.  Initially, I think I shared my story to get confirmation that I was okay and the relationship was abusive.  Eventually it grew to sharing my story for purpose of self healing and that hopefully my story would touch a few people out there that might be able to relate.

I encourage you to… Break the Silence… Stop Abuse… Speak Up!

On more than one occasion someone has come to me because they heard or read my story a long time ago and became aware they were in an abusive relationship.  Those occasional moments made me realize how important it was for me to share my story.  It also made me feel, “My pain had a purpose.”  They say various things like:

“Years ago, when I read your story, I realized my relationship was very abusive, and…”

  • … “I am divorced with only another two years until I get my nursing license.”
  • … “I am in counseling and started saving money in case I decide to leave.”
  • … “We are separated and I moved back in with my family and they are really supportive.”
  • … “We have been divorced for a few years, I got help and I am so much happier.”

It sometimes makes me a little sad that there are so many people that have been or are currently in abusive relationship.  However, this also makes me feel that sharing my story may help a few others out there who can relate to my experiences.  I often say, “If sharing my story helps one person, it is worth sharing, then I know the pain was for a reason.”

“I am an Abuse Survivor, the pain I endured for all those years had a purpose.”



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  1. This site is so awesome.. I am an abuse survivor. I have just written a book about abuse and the majority of proceeds are going into ministries to help abuse victims. I have also started a ministry, Secret Angel Ministry, with a vision to start Secret Angel Safe Houses and Transitional Houses across the country. How do I get involved in this blog to reach out to more people?


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