Steps to Getting Over Emotional Abuse

My unresolved feelings from Past Memories & Conversations can continue to trigger hurt, anger, pain and fear in me.  It is impossible to change the past that contributed to the emotional trauma.  Steps have already been taken to remove myself from these verbal abusers.  Now, steps need to be taken to change these negative memories into positive ones.

  1. Leave Abusive Environment
  2. Create Safe Environment
  3. Create Boundaries
  4. Find a Healthy Outlet
  5. Create New Positive Experiences
  6. Focus on New Positive Memories
  7. Repeat Step 5 & 6

I have left the abuser and am no longer exposed to the daily abuse.  I am living in an environment where I feel safe and my abuser does not have access.  I have created boundaries to limit contact with my abusive ex-husband and stopped all contact with abusive ex-boss.  I have created this blog as an outlet to work through my unresolved feelings when I feel them.  Now I need to focus on the continuously creating new positive experiences.  These new positive experiences will continue to expand the positive memories I feel.  When these abusive memories come over me I need to remember I am safe, I have healthy outlets (journal, friends & professionals), and then I need to continue to expand positive memories.  Replace bad thoughts with the positive thoughts and memories.


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  1. I am starting to realize that somehow over the last few years I have somehow allowed the abuse to slowly creep back into my life from him since we have joint custody however I have decided that I will also walk the legal line as he does. For example he will constantly text me horrible things and at the end of the text puts don’t contact me again so he can feel like in his crazy mind that I am harrassing him! Then I get a second text that says and another thing you are a blank …x, y, z but don’t bother me. It’s crazy so finally I decided to block him from contacting me in any other way but email or snail mail. That way I no longer get “baited” by abusive texts and want to respond by saying oh but that’s not true! It’s not true! This is how I am stopping the abuse!! Access is key, if you don’t have access to abuse someone then you cannot do it. You can stop allowing someone to disturb the peace in your life. It your life, just because you have a child with an ex doesn’t mean they control your life and they also cannot control what goes on in YOUR home(of course as long as nothing bad is going on there) Divorce decrees do not state you HAVE to talk to your insane abusive EX.


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