Domestic Abuse Survivor – Renewed and Stronger

Today is another day, I feel renewed, and stronger. There is no way I am going to give up and allow my twisted ex-husband to win his sick game. This entire situation has been unfair and flat out wrong. I was a good mother and did not deserve this type of treatment from my ex or his family.

There is no way I am giving up on my daughter. However, I realize that it is time for me to shift focus back to myself, my health, and my family again. That does not mean that I won’t reach out, but it may be time to protect my heart. She continues to reach out to me for a reason despite the roadblocks my ex keeps setting up for her.

In the last two years, I have missed many moments in my daughter’s life. Not being present for her homecoming or prom. Unable to be part of helping select her dress. Thankfully, I was able to be at her graduation and made it to the stadium ridiculously early to get a good seat so I could get great pictures. I found myself stressing out over running into her father and I am so grateful our paths didn’t cross.

My daughter didn’t love the pictures I took, but all our family and friends on Facebook enjoyed seeing the photos. I did not receive a graduation announcement, but my mother gave me the one she received. I am also sad that my family didn’t get graduation announcements either. My mother and I shared some tears about this situation too.

Moving forward, I will continue to educate myself about this situation and share my story. It time for me to get back to Alanon and other support groups. There may be others who need to hear my story and may be able to identify.

Today, I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I got out and moved on with my life.

  • My career is on the right track. Considering he told me years ago, “Nobody will ever hire you without a college degree.” Not true. My company really likes me and they give me raises twice a year.
  • He told me, “I don’t want you living in a roach infested apartment.” Well, guess what? My house is quite lovely. It also has a lovely garden full of beautiful flowers that we planted. It is also the second house I have owned without my ex.

These words are for me and they can be for you too:

  • Do not let your narcissist ex define you.
  • Do not let his words become your truth.
  • You are better than that.
  • You are a good person.
  • You do not need his negativity.
  • He does not own you.
  • You are a survivor.
  • You are strong.
  • You are beautiful.
  • God loves you.




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