Experiences of Abuse – Sent in by One Our Readers

This is a story from one of our readers:

Hello, I’m a young 15 year old girl who has had a crazy life. Some really bad things have happened as in good. I’ve been abused in many ways. I’ve been raped since I was a little girl for a couple of years from 3 boys. I’ve been molested from my step father. Who needless to say my mom still sees. I’ve lived with my grandparents for 14 years of my life. they’re my heroes

Since March 17th I’ve been in an abusive relationship…… something I’m not proud of. But I’m in-love and I’m sure it’s hard to understand why I’m still with him because honestly I don’t even have an answer to that. He controls me let’s just say that. I can’t have a Facebook  he has to know where and what I’m doing at all times he even tells me what to wear and I’m not allowed to hang with friends. he hates my family and friends and he can be so sweet then so mean. he lies a lot and when he gets so mad he hits me and when I cry, he cries and says it won’t happen again but it’s happened for awhile now sometimes even leaving bruises on my body and uses objects to hit me with. ugh, it takes a lot to actually admit this but I don’t know where to get help, I need counseling especially if I want to leave him. it’s easy to say but hard to do and if I tell my family it will just be 100 times worse.

But anyways. girls, please, please DON’T let a man treat you this way no madder how much you love him because trust me he will hurt you and bring you down and when you finally leave him I can promise you, you will feel so much better.  Good-luck!

Dear Reader:

My only advice would be to contact an Domestic Abuse Hotline.  They may be able to help you find resources & professionals in your area.  Please talk to someone who understands abuse.


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