Abusive Experiences – Journal Email Entries 2006

Journal Email Entries – 12/3/2006

Our daughter came home from her dad’s house then she and I went to Walmart to buy her a desk.  When we got home I told her to take a bath.  She was crying and calling for me.  She said her vagina hurt.  I asked her what it felt like.  Did it it burn, itch… She said it stung.

I asked her if she had a bath at her father’s house, she said she did on Saturday.  I asked her if anyone helped her bathe.  She said she did it.  So we talked about cleaning and hygiene a little.  Then I asked her if Sally (her dog) slept in her room.  She said she slept in the guestroom with her dad.

She is taking a bath now and I am calling her pediatrician again tomorrow.

I have discussed this with her counselor, this has been happening for more than two years and so far I have no explanation or facts of what is going on.

Notes about this entry:

To this day there has never been a medical answer for why our daughter complained about her vaginal area hurting for so many years.  I took every step possibly to try to find a reason or solution.  We have been to visit pediatricians, pediatric specialists, therapists and I have documented every complaint for years.  This matter even ended up with Child Protection Service (CPS).  I never had an answer and she has not had a complaint in about 4 years now.

The only common denominator is the times she complained were always after being along with or visiting her father.  During that time her father was extremely defensive, combative and uncooperative.  To this day he continues to tell our daughter that I overact about the doctors.  To this day I believe it would be irresponsible for me to ignore such a complaint.  I am not sure if I will ever feel at peace over those complaints that occurred from age 4-9.  I truly wish I had a logical explanation to this day.  I hate to think the worst but my ex-husbands abusive behaviors & drinking certainly made me suspicious.

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3 thoughts on “Abusive Experiences – Journal Email Entries 2006

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  1. I hope you find an answer and keep an eye out on your little girl. I use to have this issue after I got molested, but I also had an issue with peeing the bed. Goodluck!


    1. Thank you Beth, I most certainly will keep an eye on this. If something turns up I will certainly take every legal step possibly for justice.


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