Long Term Effects of Emotional Abuse

Living without my daughter for the past eight month has been a difficult adjustment. First we went from barely speaking and she was so angry with me. Now, we visit regularly, but only for a few hours every other week. Now we text each other more frequently. This is certainly not how I pictured our future.... Continue Reading →

Dreaming About The Abusive Ex

I haven't posted anything in a while.  I guess because things are going pretty good and there is no crisis or drama going on.  I really do not talk to my ex-husband at all, I have found it is better for my daughter if we do not talk.  Any form of contact seemed to bring... Continue Reading →

Abusive Ex- Crazy Making Behavior

Dealing with my abusive ex-husband sometimes makes me feel completely crazy.  The stuff he does is quite simply not rational and that it affects our daughter is most frustrating.  Now, this is really a simple situation that because dramatic and I allowed myself to be sucked into this drama-laced issue that I have no control... Continue Reading →

The Abuser’s Continuous Manipulation

So right now I am a bit frustrated with my abusive ex and the continuous manipulation. He certainly has managed to portray this image that fools people into thinking he is actually a caring individual. I guess that is what prompted me to create this website. The current issue is a problem at my daughter's... Continue Reading →

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