Long Term Effects of Emotional Abuse

Living without my daughter for the past eight month has been a difficult adjustment. First we went from barely speaking and she was so angry with me. Now, we visit regularly, but only for a few hours every other week. Now we text each other more frequently. This is certainly not how I pictured our future.... Continue Reading →

Power Over and the Abuser

Okay, right now there is a situation that is outside my control. Although I have no desire to be in control, although with that being said... I really don't like the feeling of being out of control either. This is clearly a Power Over situation for my ex-husband and he has all the control and I... Continue Reading →

How Did I Meet The Abuser – 2

So it is strange because I am posting this in order but it will appear backwards to anyone reading this. Okay so I met him and thought he was pretty special. The real problem was that I did not think I was special. Things seemed okay at first, I thought. (personal low self esteem issue)... Continue Reading →

Join Custody with a Jerk

No, this isn't something off Jerry Springer, but it is my life at times.  I realized I am in the middle of some drama again and so I felt it was time to take some action.  So I started reading 'Joint Custody With a Jerk' which I had read a few years ago.  In the... Continue Reading →

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