Choose to Forget or Remember the Past

There is a constant struggle to forget the past because I do not not want to remember the bad times. Memory Triggers I still have to deal with my ex-husband and that seems to trigger memories, especially with his constant need to control situations.  Right now there is some weird stuff that is occurring that is triggering those old feelings.   There are not very many good times to remember and believe me I have tried to find some to cling on to.  In truth right now, he is just a tiny blip on the radar, other than his occasional interference he really isn't a part of my life anymore.   I can focus on today and be so grateful to not be there and the strength that gained in return.  I often feel if I could make it through all that there is truly nothing I can't endure today.  Although I can't remember very many good things about him I go through all that hell over again if only to have my daughter here today.

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